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If  you want to download aakash study material for free..then you are at right place.
As requested earlier by our subscribers that we want akash dlp .so here  I will provide links to download that. from google drive

we uploaded almost every  chapter on this page . to download 

soon we will release the physics and mathematics and chemistry for neet and iit separately;
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CHAPTER WISE akash biology study materialDOWNLOAD LINKS
1biological classificationDownload
2evolition-part 1 Download
3evolution part:2Download
4morphology of flowering plantsDownload
5photosynthesis Download
6princliple of inheritence and variationDownload
7sexual reproduction in flowering plantsDownload
8human reproductionDownload
9living world part 1Download
10living world part2 Download
11mineral nutritionDownload
12moleculear basis of inheritenceDownload

aakash ZOOLOGY for neet 2020download links
 ZOOLOGY part 1 download
 zoology part 2 download
 zoology part 3 download
 zoology part 4 download
 zoology part 5download 

akash chemistry module chapterwise : download
aakash Botany for neet 2020download links
botany part 1 download
 botany part 2 download
 botany part 3 download
 botany part 4 download
botany  part 5 download
aakash physics study material  download links
 aakash physics class 11th  download
 aakash physics class 12th download

 important links  download
 study package solution aakash download
akash video lecturers scroll down to see more  more study material by akash is available below

I will also  provide links to that page look below at the bottom of page  to find out lots of study material even the akash  video lectures  {i tutor }  is also available so be carefully see the all tables
 . You can easily get that.

aakash physics study material

download links
akash sanjeev garg success magnet     
physics chapter wise solutions     
allen study material for free download    

aakash chemistry study material free

 download links
akash chemistry modules solutions     
physics chapter wise solutions     
allen study material for free download    
solomon organic chemistry for iitjee    
akash chemistry video lecturers    
aakash biology video lecturers     
uploading more links tomorrow    download
uploading more links tomorrow    download

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