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How to get motivational | get rid of overthinking | rid of nervous break down

To get motivational to deal with mental illness and over thinking all the time follow up the simple trick below Even you Can use 100% of brain.

People generally ask how to get motivated to study and all .
All these are related with Mental problem.
Generally about 18.5 percentage of America
Around 45.3 million approximately .are suffering from mental illness...
So today I will tell you how to get rid of this
Within a week..yes in a week..

In Indian Vedic sciences and also in yogic techniques.. there is a way to get control over your mind and you can achieve 100. Percentage of concentration . So you can say that you can control your mind without medicines and other stuffs.

So what you have to do.. follow up all the steps.

1: first of all do lots of exercise as much as you can do until you feel completely tired.
Means your body must sweat a lot .

2 wait  1 minutes and drink lots of water to hydrate your body and this will relax your mind a little bit.
Don't drink water during exercise..
Exercise could be anything like running, jogging and swimming.

3 : your your body looses a lots of calories and atp molecules so your brain will slow down and stop overthinking a little bit .
But this isn't enough.

4: if you don't do exercise daily before reading this you will recover faster.

5 : listen to instrumental music that you like. Depends on you.

6: while doing this place a candel in front of you .. must be placed few distance away from you ..
Now try to hear  music every note ...and .. focus on the fire of candles do this for 10 minutes.. while doing this you should close your eyes...

Now still sitting on the floor close your eyes
And join hands together like saying namaste as Indians do..
And while listening music call your god name. Like Jesus again and again in your mind.
You will feel peace and satisfaction while saying this ...

7: after doing this drink water do anything thing rather than thinking do some work..

8: after few minutes take  shower and let water fall on your head few minutes..

9 do yoga asanas named Dhyan asana for 30minutes

10: do your work what ever you do on regular basis listen music while doing your work..and stay happy and stay tuned
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Now I will say eat three time s daily . your food should be vegetarian..

Hope you recover soon for more look disclaimer at the bottom of page