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How to use amp in blogger-amp-blogger-theme/template | use amp in blogger with proof | can we use amp in blogger? Yes

To use amp in blogger you have to follow few steps below .

Yes! it is possible with blogger to use amp
 First I will give you proof than I will be telling steps to do that.
Click. Click here to see google tested results  like my blogspot url :
Copy this and paste it in the amp test bar to test it .. although it is an amp page here is the screenshot shot.

So let's get started to apply amp in your blogger website

STEP 1: most important step is this .you  should    have  a amp                     template
           Just extract the file and view txt file of template must be like           template   name.txt  Copy all and   open blogger .
         Click on themes and than edit html and Than select all and then paste

STEP 2:   you should have a custom domain
                  If you want to buy a free one that  will also work
           As you can see  I am not using a custom domain so it creates a little bit fluctuations to show in  google search results. As  amp page  Click here to get a free domain

STEP:3 as you are a blogger you should know how to use DNS records.
If you don't know then let me know in comments I will make a separate post

Step 4: logo on to cloud flare

Enter your site URL that needs a custom domain that why I told you to get at least a free one  for your blog. And cloud flare dono't use subdomain like or like

That's why now open if you are done ewit DNS as if you enter your site URL it will show you link to DNS and provide you c names  just copy and paste in blogger setup third party url.

If you have done all that than you are a good technique and knowledgeable person.

Now visit site settings in cloud flare and enable amp that simply.
Know your site is running amp version
You can check out by searching on

Google amp test and you rock's