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easy trick to find bond order in seconds

if you are looking for the trick to find the bond order for competitive exams like iit and jee  you are at the right place:

to find bond order easily you have to remember
that a molecule with 14 electrons have bond order 3...thats it

remember this below  as well

*with increase in or decrease in number  of electrons by 2 than bond order will decrease by 1 *

wait let me explain it to you
by an example

now watch this video below for detailed explanation

example  a species having total 14 electrons than its must have
a bond order of 3 if we decrease the number of electrons by 2 that is
12 electrons the bond order decreases to 2

so 10 electron species have bond order 1
look the table

SPECIES         TOTAL electrons       BOND order
                        10               1
11              1.5
        12              2
13              2.5
14              3
15              2.5 
16              2

for species less than 10 electrons
have to follow
  B A B A  where b stands for the bonding molecular orbital and A stands for antibonding molecular orbital
as we know the formula for bond order is 1/2{number of electrons in bonding molecular orbital-number of electrons in antibonding molecular orbitals}

so if we say for 6 electron
                                  B A B A
                                  2 2 2

WE FILL ELECTRONS IN THE number of two in each so we apply the  formula  1/2{4-2} = 1 so bond order is 1

  by this method you can easily find the bond order in the competitive exams like neet,aiims and iit jee and other exams

some examples:

Q:how to find bond order of O2 ?

Ans:the O2 has total 16 electrons so
as we know that the the 14 electron species will have  the bond order of 3 so with increase in or decrease in electrons by 2 the
the  bond order will decrease by 1 so this has bond order of  2.

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