Akash biology video lectures for free download

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akash video lectures , you can watch online for free and also download those lecturers for free , now its is avilable for biology for class 11 and 12 full lecturers but soon it will be avilable for  both ,physics and chemistry will be avilable soon....unitl than keep visiting .

biology class 11  and 12 is avilable for now.
these video lecturers are on google drive { which is a cloud storage}. and you can acess that from any where just open and watch the video there are links below where you can click and visit the relavant forlder for kash video lecturers for free download .

{download links} are below in table

akash video lecturers for free download links
the living world    download
photosynthesis    download
cell the unit of life    downoad
solomon organic chemistry    download
plant morphology    download
plant anatomy     download
biological classification    download
plant growth and development
mineral nutrition
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