best mobile apps for iit jee and neet prepration for 2020 entrance exam

preparation for the iit jee and neet isn't a piece of cake!

  so fore those students who cannot afford the coaching and also who want to learn  at any time and also those  here are the app where you can go through ,

first of all any aspirants what the need is a good concept teaching methodology and the regularly test and also , rank evaluation on the  test basis

 thus this will improve the mind set and help the students to grasps the main content and concept  and develop understanding  ,  this is something like making a 
piece of art  from rocks ,

 it is something like that making  a  masterpiece , long story short ,.

Are you the one from 1.5 million every year?{medical}

as we know the failure rate is also that much high , but the success rate is very small , so you are  here to make a master piece from you  |
 stay motivated keep motivate your self by saying you can do it | don't  leave it for another day|

List of apps :

1: moducation is one of the app which gives you different types of test  which                                      are some shorter    
          some full test on the demand of the user. all questions are  FROM PREVIOUS YEARS.

2: UNACADEMY: IS ALSO A GREAT app  the top educators are there is also neet and iit                                                   qualifiers , like sachin rana and     kalish sharma .

buyjuis  ; is also the one of the great apps , hope you will find it helpful

3: grade up : is an app with the moto of making your grades up

4:  is also the one of the growing  platform in the the edu tech                                             start up to help students  

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