doctors tribute inspires aspirants

the zee music company has shown a tribute to the doctors as their sacrifices.

and also the video included the footage of policemen and the sacrifices that they made during the corona out-beak.

the video is such that you can see the video below here such a heart touching video . just have a look.

Here is the video

it inspires a lot of student towards the medical profession as the students are also suffering from COVID lockdown or we should say its effects.

the students those are stuck in the Kota or we should say that the city of aspirations the aspirant doctors and the aspirant engineers.
the students are really impressed by the video the students said it really encourages one towards the medical profession , # the medical patriotism is shown in the , 
students said this inspires a lot .

a lot of the coaching institutes are also helping the students.
in this hard time, one of the coaching instate owner Nitin Vijay also well known as NV sir across India,.

told that we as ready to help the students and the administration is also always ready to help the student.

there are several Institute that released the helpline number for the students to help them out.

there are a lot of organisation also came up and the local people also contributing.

to help the students to overcome this pandemic.
Naman who is a student and now currently is in Kota.

told us that the government is also helping us to get back to home during this pandemic