here is how zoom is hacked | should we use zoom?

  • Why should we use?
  • here is how zoom is hacked

  • corona ort Covid -19 causes all different educational institutes to close until the  lockdown 

    Why should we use

    Here is how zoom is useful

    here is how these educational institutes are overcoming these issues. many institutes go online to teach students at home through different  platforms. is one of the platforms which is extensively used by different educational institutes to teach the students.

    here is the reason why this is considered by  teachers to teach the student online 

    here are some of the features of the zoom

     is is available on' the different platforms like android, ios, and mac's. 

    The user interface is also very easy 

    and it includes one whiteboard which can be utilized by the teachers  to explain the students 

    it includes a share screen option the host can use that to teach through the ppt as it can be shown by the host to the students or users.

    it was made for meetings online by now due to the corona lockdown now students are benefited with this.

    now move on to the cons of this  app everything has its pros and cons 

     so for this app the cons are that it has only free sessions for only about 40 minutes.

    so we can understand this by this not is free in this universe. 

    although this app is nice so you can go through this app and can recommend the other users to go through this app .

    here is how zoom is hacked

    due to the recently security issue of the zoom and let hackers to access the data of users according to the krebsonsecurity single instance of zWarDial can find approximately 100 meetings per hour,
    but that multiple instances of the tool running in parallel could probably discover most of the open Zoom meetings on any given day. Each instance, he said, has a success rate of approximately 14 percent, meaning for each random meeting number it tries, the program has a 14 percent chance of finding an open meeting.

    so the users are vulnerable to by the attackers .

    According to the article published on the  bloomberg

    In a Wednesday blog post, Zoom said that it takes security concerns “extremely seriously” and is working to address them. In addition, a Zoom representative said in an email that the company is upset about reports of harassment on Zoom and has sought to educate users about protecting meetings.