important github changes for students and devlopers

the Github has introduced the  changes that will help you

As we know that due to the corona lockdown people are facing difficulties. most of the difficulties are in the education sector and the in the technology sector so that to overcome the issue the tech work and the students are going online mode to learn and the tech workers to work from home.

 so if you are a cs student so you should check that out.
here are the tips that you can do with the gith hub
 you can work and practice with your friend on the repositories that are both available public and the private, that help you out you in practising the codes 

so maybe this is the reason that the git hub has made these changes to support the community of students usually the computer science students to help them out during this lockdown.

 here are the below the important updates that have been notified by the github to its users
We introduced a few changes to make all of the core GitHub features free for everyone. check git hub here gith hub developers

 Private repositories with unlimited collaborators are now available for all GitHub accounts, and we’re reducing prices for some of our paid plans.
The details
  • We introduced a new GitHub Free plan for teams with unlimited collaborators in private repositories, 2,000 GitHub Actions minutes/month, and GitHub Community Support.
  • You now have unlimited collaborators in private repositories as part of your GitHub Free plan.
  • Monthly pricing for our Pro plan has been reduced from $7/month to $4/month.
  • Monthly pricing for our paid Team plan has been reduced from $9/user to $4/user.
  • Actions minutes and Packages storage will continue to be free for all public repositories.