neet motivation | neet motivational quote

13 lakh students 41,388 government medical seats

50% reservations these are some
statistics that are going to pester you
till the time you don't crack your neet exam.

 every year 13 lakh students apply for neet for around 41,388 government medical seats of this country out of which 50 per cent is already reserved. 
so ask yourself this question "why your name should be there
on one of those forty thousand medical seats what extra food are you putting in over those 13 lakh students, what are you doing to have an extra edge over those 13 lakh students.

 everyone has the same 24 hours and same 1500 CC brain it is
for you to decide how you want to use this 24 hour whether you want to spend hours on Facebook and Instagram or

whether you want to invest those on studies Facebook is then going and even Instagram isn't going anywhere you can still use it after you crack the neet exam.

 you can still use it once you are in your dream medical college and it could be altogether different feeling using them then but this time that you are facing right now on those apps will never come back.

let others do whatever they won't let
others waste your time you decide for

I always say  this study  when others sleep practice 

when are those enjoy and succeed 

when others feel understand one thing very clearly

 neet is a competition and nothing is enough for it

I hear people ask him is studying for 12
hours enough do I need to solve all the
previous year papers should I read this
XYZ book for need well let me tell you
one thing you need to stop quantifying
studies there shouldn't be any limit to
what you are reading read as much as you
can retain as much as you can and then
imply as much as you can be afraid of
these exams but don't let your fear
overpower your senses be scared of
failure enough to study late nights for
the exam

 but don't let your fear
demotivate and prevent you from studying
take things positively everything is in
your favour you know the syllabus pretty
well you have read those same books over
and over again the exam pattern suits
you everything out there s2 support
so stay motivated study hard practice
harder and go crack the exam