Best alternative to zoom amid lockdown is one of the platforms which is extensively used by different educational institutes to teach the students.

here is the reason why this is considered by teachers to teach the student online 

here are some of the features of the zoom

 is is available on' the different platforms like android, iOS, and mac's. 

The user interface is also very easy 

and it includes one whiteboard which can be utilised by the teachers to explain the students 

AS we know the zoom is still working on its security issues and here is how zoom is hacked  in the past 

so here is the zoom best alternatives you can use 

larger video meetings with a grid layout here is the google meet

How to use it: Team meetings, celebrations, virtual classrooms, or any other large meetings that require you to see and connect with multiple participants at once.

here is the simple interface of the meeting app google meet on desktop 

you just need a google account and good to go.