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narendra awasthi physical chemistry pdf

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  • about the book

  • the Narendra Awasthi physical chemistry is one of the milestone book considered by the teachers and the various toppers of  JEE and NEET exams. there are all the chapters of physical chemistry in the pdf of Narendra Awasthi, the book is published by the BALAJI publication, 

    the first edition of the book was released in 2008 and this is the seventh edition of the book 

    below you will find a link to download the book in free pdf 

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     The book is having the following chapters   

    1. stoichiometry
    2. atomic structure 
    3. gaseous state
    4. thermodynamics 
    5. chemical equilibrium
    6. ionic equilibrium
    7. chemical kinetics, nuclear chemistry
    8. electrochemistry
    9. dilute solution
    10. solid state
    11. surface chemistry