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flash cards | download flash cards in pdf| NEET IIT | how to make flash cards

 revising the chapters is not a easy task if you are preparing for the competitive exams like  NEET and JEE or any other exam . 

every  student is looking for a way to revise whole syllabus is short duration of time , yes it is possible and  here is how 

Here is How to do it ?

To revise the syllabus we need to recall concepts that are already being taught in the class so the best  way to do this is flashcards ,  they will help you  to recall concepts in  few minutes 

here below i have provided the link to download it . hope you will like it ..  here are some sample flash card download link is provided below this flash card. when you click on download link it will open in google drive that contain all the chapters of that particular subject 

flash cards image

Download links :

flash cards DOWNLOAD LINKS
1physics Download
2chemistry Download

 you can download biology,maths all chapters from the links below .

1Biology Download

before going to make flash cards we should know what are flash cards what are flash cards  includes formulas , concepts in a convenient way  that helps us to recall whole  chapter in a short duration of time

how to make flash cards

To make flash cards one must remember few things in mind that it should not be more than one page or two.

it must cover all the important formulas and important aspect of the chapter like points to ponder , .

if  you can make mnemonics than don't forget to add those

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