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[pdf ]Revise physics in one day class 11th | revise physics in one day with this book

Here is  how you can revise physics in one day  before every exam.

every one wants to revise whole syllabus a day before or few days before 

so i will  provide you a pdf  of physics  that will help you to remember the whole class 11th syllabus 

This will help you to revise whole syllabus within few hours .

so you can practice questions all you have to do is to  just you have to go through this book  you can also use flash cards to revise whole syllabus.

the download link of book is given below  and size of book is very small

it is only about 3.2mb so you can download easily 

1Physics revision bookclick to Download

if you are looking for biology class 12th revision notes just click here to visit

*note the syllabus that is covered in the book is CBSE class 11th syllabus and contains all the chapters

Revision Tips  For Exam

  • always read the concepts care fully
  • try to apply the concepts 
  • practice questions  topic wise
  • attempt mock test 
  • analyse mistakes
  • attempt mock test as many as possible

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