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maths ncert solution class 12 free download in [pdf] | class 12 maths solutions

class 12 maths ncert solutions is very important for the students .

because it explains the concepts of each and every important topics in the chapter in class 12 maths below we have provided the links of the class 12 maths solutions

class 12 maths ncert solutions

chapters download solutions
Relations and Functions download
Chapter-2: Inverse Trigonometric functions download
Chapter-3: Matrices download
Chapter-4: Determinant download
Chapter-5: Continuity and Differentiability download
Chapter-6: Application of Derivatives download
chapter 7: Integral download
Chapter-8: Application of the Integral download
Chapter-9: Differential Equations download
Chapter-10: Vector algebra download
Chapter-11: Three Dimensional Geometry download
Chapter-12: Linear Programming download
Chapter-13: Probability download

ncert class 12 text book pdf

if you want the text book pdf click on the link here to downlaod in pdf format from the official ncert website maths ncert class 12 pdf

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maths 12 ncert solution

we have provided the solution of every chapter and can be downloaded for free in pdf from the links above each and e\very exercise is mentioned in the chapter for example exercise 7.2 class 12 solution is mentioned in the seventh chapter and exercise 7.2 is avilable in that pdf

not only the 7.2 all rest of exercise also there exercise 6.5 class 12 ncert solution is mentioned in the 6th chapter

Q1 : how many chapters are there in the class 12 maths ncert?

there are total of 13 chapters in both part of class 12 maths ncert

Q2: how many chapters solutions is avilable ?

we have provided each and every chapter and each and evey exercise each pdf contain whole chapter exercise in pdf format


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