pegasus virus all you need to know

what exactly is pegasus? can you use it, in this article, we will let you know how you can use it how to get access to pegasus spyware. recently you probably heard of the news that is coming.

one of the news portals named the wire, the editor's phone was infected with this spyware.

according to the reports around 1400 people were on surveillance, actually, nobody knows how many people were on the surveillance.

here is some other projects that they are running

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because we don't know how many government or private agencies are using it there is no specific list is available for the sale of this spyware

how you can use this for the surveillance?

You must be looking for the answer to this question how can you use this amazing spyware for surveillance on others.

as we know before using it we must know how it works it is reported that it hacked the Whatsapp server and the hacker or the

the person who is using this spyware can obtain a list of phone numbers and user data and can control a bunch of actions on the user devices like taking pictures and a lot more

ordering of the spyware: pegasus

before ordering this spyware you should keep in mind that this is illegal to use surveillance on others probably you cannot order

but you can try ordering it according to the reports NSO group only sells this spyware to the government to fight against terrorism so they say officially that they don't sell it to a private company.

but the surveillance report says something else this might be leaked on the dark web or unofficially sold to some company,

As nobody knows exactly what happens and why and how WhatsApp servers are hacked with this spyware called pegasus

probably you cannot use it legally and it is not officially available for purchase however you can contact the NSO group here

Click here to contact nso group


1:NSO group website
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